Parsha - Vayeitzei: Consequences of Yaakov's Deceit

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Parsha - Vayeitzei: Consequences of Yaakov's Deceit

This two-page guide shares topics for discussion, both about the content and about the "big picture" that Rabbi Fohrman alludes to in the video. It also includes a graphic organizer, to organize your thoughts as you go through the material.

Lecture DescriptionLast week, we saw Yaakov trick his father Yitzchak and stole Esav's birthright, devastating his brother and causing him to cry. Are we really meant to applaud Yaakov's behavior? In this video, Rabbi Fohrman explores the scene when Yaakov and Rachel first meet, in which Yaakov too cries. Through a deeper understanding of this midrash, we are shown special insights into the text and can begin to understand how Yaakov can be called a man of truth.

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by Rabbi Fohrman

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