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Parsha - Ki Tisa: Moshe's Benevolent Chutzpah

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Parsha - Ki Tisa: Moshe's Benevolent Chutzpah

This two-page guide shares topics for discussion, both about the content and about the "big picture" that Rabbi Fohrman alludes to in the video. It also includes a graphic organizer, to organize your thoughts as you go through the material.

Lecture DescriptionWelcome the book of Exodus! In this video,  the Jewish people commit the worst sin possible - worshiping a false god - right after God gives them the Torah on Mt. Sinai. In this video, Rabbi Fohrman asks us about a bizarre question that Moshe asks God, "Why, God, should you be angry at your people?" and reminds us that God and the nation of Israel are attached by destiny.

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Number of Pages: 2

by Rabbi Fohrman

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