Parsha Guides

Parsha Guides are an amazing printable resource.  

At Aleph Beta, we believe that the Torah is a guidebook that answers life’s biggest questions, offering profound insights about how we should live our lives. Moreover, we believe that Jewish tradition has always recognized the right of all readers, in every generation, to look at the text themselves and try to decide what they think it means. That means you. That’s why you are the most important author of this quest through the sources. We think that this guide offers a fun, stimulating and relevant path through the sources, but if you get wrapped up in a stimulating discussion and never make it past page 2, we’ll consider that a success!

We’re often asked the following questions:

Is this guide for self-study, or should I study it with others?

Either works! You can gather a small group of friends to explore it together, share it with a chevruta (learning partner), or go through it by yourself.  

Is this guide for the Shabbat table itself, or is it “prep”?

Again, either works! You might want to use this guide as a way to prepare for the Shabbat table in advance, so you have discussion topics ready to go -- but you can also bring it to the Shabbat table, sight unseen, and read through it together with your friends and family.

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