The Phantom Akeidah and Other Biblical Surprises (9 lectures) – Aleph Beta Academy

The Phantom Akeidah and Other Biblical Surprises (9 lectures)

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Audio Lectures: 

  1. Introduction
  2. The Search for the Phantom Akeidah
  3. The Binding of Ishmael
  4. Point, Counterpoint
  5. Man's Hineini, God's Hineini
  6. The Shunamite Woman and the Shadow of Ishmael
  7. The Ram, the Pit and the Coat: Joseph’s Ordeal and the Binding of Isaac
  8. All in the Family
  9. Every Good Akeidah Story Comes with An Angel

9 MP3 Files of 7 hours and 26 minutes. Recorded Oct 2006.

Support files:

  • 8 Lecture Outlines, 26 pages
  • 9 Powerpoints files, 84 pages:
    • Seeing Depth in Torah: Two Literary Tools
    • Ishmael and Hagar in the Desert: A Twin Akeidah Story?
    • Point, Counterpoint: The Center of the Akeidah and its Mirror in the "Binding of Ishmael"
    • Hidden Dimensions in Abraham’s Struggle
    • Understanding the Implications of YHVH
    • The Shunamite Woman and the Shadows of Ishmael
    • Prelude to the Sale of Joseph: The Rise of Tension in the Family
    • The Brothers' Motivation in Selling Joseph
    • The Sale of Joseph and the Expulsion of Ishmael
  • 14 Source Notes in English and Hebrew

By Rabbi David Fohrman

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