Brief History of the World: From Adam to Abraham (11 lectures) – Aleph Beta Academy

Brief History of the World: From Adam to Abraham (11 lectures)

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What is included?

Audio Lectures:
  1. Introduction 1 / A Hidden Creation Story
  2. Introduction 2 / A Hidden Creation Story
  3. A Bow in the Clouds: Sabbath's Mirror
  4. Of Rivers and Nations
  5. The Vineyard and the Tower
  6. The Root of All Evil
  7. Creativity and the Real Me
  8. Vengeance in the Vineyard
  9. Babel Tower
  10. Three's a Crows: Two Trios of Inter-Connected Stories; A Global Summary of Creation and Re-Creation
  11. Abraham

14 MP3 Files of 12 hours and 26 minutes. Recorded Nov 2012.

Support files:

  • 13 Outline files, 31 pages
  • 16 Powerpoint files:
    • Lecture 1: Einstein, Wormholes and the Torah
    • Lecture 2: Mankind’s Changing Relationship to the Animal World
    • Lecture 3: A Bow in the Clouds
    • Lecture 4A: The Rainbow Covenant: Thematic and Numeric Centers
    • Lecture 4B: The Sabbath and the Rainbow
    • Lecture 4C: Mirror, Mirror: The Generations of Heavens and Earth, and the Generations of Mankind
    • Lecture 5: Noah in His Vineyard;Adam & Eve in God’s Garden
    • Lecture 6: Nakedness in Eden
    • Lecture 7A: When an “Imperfect” Chiasm Might be Perfect After All
    • Lecture 7B: Chiasm in the Garden
    • Lecture 8: Vengeance in the Vineyard
    • Lecture 9: Babel Tower
    • Lecture 10: Three’s a Crowd Two Trios of Chiasms in the Story of Re-Creation
    • Lecture 10B: The Vineyard and the Tower
    • Lecture 11: Understanding the Abraham Prologue
    • Lecture 11: Who Was Abraham?
  • 22 Source Notes in English and Hebrew

By Rabbi David Fohrman

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